Tuesday, December 20, 2016


If there was one place in Croatia that would usually come to my mind whenever someone asks me, I would honestly answer Dubrovnik. I mean, with the enormous fan base of The Game of Thrones, I bet most people would answer the same way. But with the route of our cruise, Dubrovnik wasn't a part of the itinerary. Instead, it was the historic coastal town of Zadar. It was the first time I heard of Zadar and I ended up doing some research. I found out it was home to the Organ of the Sea and the Sun Salutation, two of the world's most unique and intriguing spectacles.

You can also swim in the Adriatic Sea

For those of you who do not know about the Organ of the Sea, it is a musical instrument that produces sounds similar to playing an organ whenever the waves hit the shore, or should I say, the large marble steps with tubes located underneath them. Trust me, it's beautiful.

As the oldest city in Croatia and the coast of Dalmatia, I loved its Old Town the most. It boasts a number of medieval churches, quaint cafes and a vibrant atmosphere that sets it apart from other nearby cities like Split and Dubrovnik. It was a bummer we arrived there on a Sunday and most of the shops were closed.

One of the oldest churches in the world, St Donatus Church is usually one of the churches you see on Zadar postcards.

That's me, standing on the Sun Salutation or more commonly called, "Greeting to the Sun". A masterpiece created by Nikola Basic, it is composed of three hundred multi-layer glass plates in the shape of a circle. It lights up when the sun is setting and at this spot, you'll see the most beautiful sunset in the world, as told by Alfred Hitchcock.


Zadar coastline

Zadar remains one of the quirkiest towns in Europe and it's a good place to relax and enjoy an afternoon admiring the view of the Adriatic Sea. 


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