Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The oldest district in Manila, Intramuros has some of the most beautiful architectures that date back to the Spanish Colonial Period in the Philippines. Plus, it's my birthday today, so I am doing a birthday giveaway to all of my readers!

A usual historic site in Manila where Filipinos and foreigners flock to, Intramuros has continued to amass a number of visitors each year. Perhaps because it's one of the few historic sites left that is still preserved by the Philippine government through the years (while the rest have been demolished for greedy reasons I will not dwell on anymore). However, despite the many changes that has happened in Intramuros, including the unmaintained streets and the lack of a really good "Clay Go" policy, there are still a few places where you can get some of the best Instagram photos that are perfect for your feed.

Intramuros is home to a number of buildings and structures including the famous Fort Santiago, where Jose Rizal was imprisoned for years before he was executed. However, while most of the buildings are of different shades of gray, you can find yourself in front of a few pastel-colored facades that give off a Wes Anderson vibe, including the photos below.

This was taken in front of the Fort Santiago car park area. 

If you want a different style for your Instagram feed, let's say a combination of darker tones including brown and green, then I say head down to San Agustin Church. Nearby, you'll find Barbara's, a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes with some of the most old-fashioned interiors inside the district.

If you have an Instagram feed that plays with a lot of colors, head down to Urdaneta Street where you can get some of the most vibrant facades in the district. It gives off a feeling that you are in Cuba where old fashioned elegance meets modern sophistication. 

Of course, a trip to Intramuros would not be complete without a visit to Fort Santiago. Most of the ruins from the Spanish Colonial Period are still present up to this day, although some of it were slightly modified. If you are a fan of shoefies, you can take a few while following the footstep marks around the area. 

To be honest, I am a big fan of ruins. I mean, aside from a possible background for your photo, it can be a really good subject also. 

There you go! If you have any more places in Intramuros that you feel is a good place to take Instagram photos, feel free to leave a comment below!

In case you were wondering why I had 3 balloons with me in most of my photos, it's because aside from celebrating my birthday today, I am also celebrating my 3-month blog anniversary! I've always wanted to start a travel blog for years but only made it 3 months ago. But you know what they say, better late than never! To thank everyone for all the support I've been getting the past 3 months, I want to give back a little. This "baby" blog is slowly growing and gaining more readers and followers, so I hope to ignite the adventurous you in my upcoming blog posts! 

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