Thursday, June 1, 2017


If there was only one color in the world, I'd pick powder blue. I've always had people say that wearing pastel colors present a conservative and demure look. Well, I beg to disagree. I'd say, wearing pastel colors actually show a powerful look! 

I got my top from Copper and I love how this off shoulder top has its a ribbon tie and you can style it the way you want to.

My culottes are from Zara. I got them on sale and yes, guys, I am a big fan of powder blue! The culottes are very flowy. I recently fell in love with wearing culottes because not only are they comfy, they also give you more of a stylish, classical look - a mix of a not too feminine, not to comfy look. 

I finished off the outfit with boots from Korea. The nude color accentuates the entire outfit and it is the perfect choice of footwear for the ensemble.

The accessories I am wearing are from Pandora. And that's my take on pastel guys! Go on and wear your own set of pastel colored outfits and make sure to tag me or show me :) 

By the way, it's my first day of summer (yes I know, summer during the Philippine rainy season), but I have a lot of things in store for all of you guys! I will be uploading all of these soon and you'll get to know about it really soon. But for now, I hope you enjoyed this lookbook.


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