Friday, November 3, 2017


Travelling to New York is always on everyone's bucket list. I, personally, love to go back to New York again and again because the hustle and bustle of the city has always attracted my attention. No matter how many steps you take within the day just to go around the city - rain or shine, New York is always the one stop destination that looks like a watercolor painting of different hues. And as all writers would simply talk about their stay in New York City, I decided to share with you some of the most instagrammable tourist places in New York City. Enough with the simple point and shoot photos, let's take your New York City photos up a notch by creating these tourist spots into exquisite artsy photos.


If I had to choose between going up the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock, I would go up the Top of the Rock 101%. Going up the Empire State Building will give you a good view; but one thing will be missing in the background of your photos - the iconic Empire State Building. If you had a great view of New York City with the Empire State Building in the background, that would surely look better on your Instagram feed. 


We all enjoy a stroll in the park, especially if we are walking along Central Park. But cliche as it may sound, sometimes it can be a bit overrated sometimes. Central Park can be an escape from the hectic city life but the park offers more than just for you to take a stroll or ride on your bike - you can also get yourself a boat and for a little price of $15, you'll get yourself the best views of the Manhattan skyline.

Of course, a trip to New York City will never be complete without giving yourself your very own "Gossip Girl" moment. Have yourself a photo along the Bethesda Fountain and the steps.


Whether you want to blow out some bubbles or simply have a mini picnic party in Washington Square Park, you will absolutely love the energy of the place. There are countless of musicians left and right, and you'll get yourself a good view of the Washington Square Arch.


If you like to have a feel of the Manhattan neighborhood - a combination of colorful houses with colorful wooden doors and tiny balconies, then the SOHO area is the perfect place for you! Not only is it packed with some of the best food and shopping streets in the city, it can definitely give you more of that New York feeling.


This building is absolutely #InstagramGoals! There are tons of different angles to get creative shots of the building (or with you in the photo). It is an iconic New York landmark and definitely a must-visit place in New York City.


Times Square in the morning is definitely different from Times Square at night! You have to experience both while you are in the city. The vibe and the energy at night is much more compared to Times Square in the morning.

These are some of the most instagrammable tourist places in New York City with a few tips on how to create some of the best #InstagramGoals photos! There's nothing like experiencing Manhattan without setting foot in some of the most iconic locations within the city.

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